What is Well-Fit?

Well-Fit is a body transformation system built on consistency of utilizing strength, functional movements, HIIT (hi intensity interval training) and core exercises. Besides exercise there is also a high emphasis on nutrition planning and each member will be guided through basic fitness practices. In these small groups, you have the options and the abilities to customize training specific to individual needs, work exclusively with friends and family and most importantly target your fitness goals. This non-intimidating environment is a perfect option for those who have been on the fence about CrossFit. This program is work the body inside and out creating the change needed to promote a strong, fit and healthy lifestyle.

What does the Well-Fit program consist of?

  • Small Group Class 2-6 people
  • Functional Fitness, natural movements of the body
  • Focus on body transformation, health and well-being
  • Quickly reduces body fat and builds lean muscle
  • Provides a daily physical challenge
  • Helps lower day-to-day stress levels
  • Contributes to improved health markers
  • Provides excellent motivation in a close-knit group format
  • The Well-Fit program is designed to burn fat, build endurance, increase stamina, and improve all-around health. Conducted in an engaging (and challenging) small-group format, Well-Fit is ideal for those who want the motivation of a personal trainer and the vibe of a great class, coupled with a low-impact, high-effect training method. Under the guidance of our experienced, professional trainers, you’ll use heart-pumping combinations of cardio, interval training, bodyweight conditioning, core work, and light resistance training to build a lean, healthy body.
  • We leave the heavy weights aside, instead focusing on keeping you moving. Every WellFit workout is tailored to your fitness level, so there’s no worry about being left behind (or lacking a challenge).