At Marauder Fitness we care about your fitness needs and how important it is as a parent to be healthy for your child. That is why we are offering supervised childcare in a designated room for your child. This service will be offered initially at certain times but more times will be added upon demand. See our schedule for further details

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Childcare Info & Policies:

  •  Children must be preregistered prior to scheduled time
  •  We can take children as young as 3 months old
  •  You may not drop your child off in child care if they have been sick in the last 24 hours.
  • The limit at this time is eight children per session, no exceptions.
  •  Child Care personnel will not change any diapers.
  •  Parents may not leave the gym without their children, for any reason.
  •  No children are allowed unsupervised on the training floor before, during or after class.
  • Childcare is for 1.5 hours maximum, allowing you time to warm up, attend class, and shower afterwards if you like
  • Children will be signed in and out by parent/guardian only. We will not release children to anyone who is not on an approved pick up list for your child